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MuchBoost B5254T2 Upgraded Turbocharger with a Custom Billet Compressor Wheel and a Clipped/Enlarged Turbine Wheel. It is based on an original Mitsubishi Turbocharger, which means that the installation is 100%P&P. The turbocharger is meant to work with Volvo XC70 and XC90 with the B5254T2 210HP engines.

The turbo delivers up to 190% power (190 extra HP) over the factory specs. It is a great choice for someone looking for a bit extra HP from their daily driver. MuchBoost turbo allows you to get more from your engine and enjoy it even more than you’ve been so far.

We have developed 2 modification options that allow you to reach anywhere from 350HP to 400HP.

MuchBoost 2.5T 350

Upgraded turbocharger with an estimated potential of ~350HP at the crank. The list of modifications:

  • Precisely machined seal plates and compressor housing,
  • Genuine Mitsubishi compressor housing,
  • Genuine Mitsubishi bearing housing,
  • Genuine Mitsubishi exhaust manifold,
  • Upgraded journal bearing system that allows the turbo to hold more boost,
  • Original actuator,
  • More efficient and larger Billet Compressor,
  • Clipped Turbine Wheel,
  • Dynamically balanced,
  • The compressor and turbine wheels are balanced separately, and then the whole core is high-speed balanced using VSR balancing machines at speeds similar to the level seen in the vehicle.
MuchBoost 2.5T 400

Upgraded turbocharger with an estimated potential of ~400HP at the crank. Modifications compared to the 350 option are the same except:

  • Bigger Compressor Wheel,
  • Larger Turbine Wheel,
  • Machined exhaust housing.
Other significant modifications

The turbo is meant to work with ~350-400HP In order to reach that level of power, you need to adjust your fuel, exhaust, and cooling systems as well.

If you want to get the Complete Turbo option, please contact us about availability!

A set of gaskets is included with every option you choose!

Volvo XC70 2.5T – 210HP
Volvo XC90 I 2.5T – 210HP
Volvo V70 II 2.5T – 210HP
Volvo S80 I 2.5T – 210HP
Volvo S60 I 2.5T – 210HP

Factory numbers




OEM number


(If your engine has a different code, please send us a message. We will verify it.)

Matters you should be aware of when placing your order.
    1. The warranty is 12 months without the limit of mileage.
    2. We need about 7 working days to perform and ship the upgraded turbocharger. The parcels in European Union are shipped via DPD for just 25,00 EURO. DHL Express (airplane shipping)  is used for orders besides the EU, it costs 99,00 EURO. The average delivery time is 2-4 working days. 
    3. Every parcel is fully insured.
    4. If you didn`t find the turbo you need, feel free to contact us. We are able to perform many more upgraded turbochargers than you can find on the site. Our development department works permanently on the new models.
    5. Do you have a workshop, are you an influencer or seller of tuning parts? We are open to cooperation by offering discounts and refunds.
    6. During placing your order, please provide information as follows:
    • the engine code,
    • the car model,
    • the stock power,
    • the VIN number

These details are helpful to make the turbo correctly.

Just upgrade option means that we will modify your turbochargers once you sent them to us. The turbo can’t be cracked and must be genuine.

Complete turbo option is for those who want to buy a fully built turbo set ready to install in the car.


350HP, 400HP



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