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About Brator

They say money can’t buy happines. But it can buy car parts.
And car parts make me happy

Our story

We are MuchBoost.

We are engineers, mechanics, drivers, and people driven by passion. We have extensive experience in performing professional modifications and tune-ups to turbochargers. We provide the ultimate driving experience to all leading carmakers thanks to the boosted performance of the engine.

Meet Robert:

Robert Podlacha is an engineer who in 2014 started working on design changes to turbochargers, modifying their factory settings. As a Co-founder of Gottuned.com, in 2022 he brought to life MuchBoost.com, an online shop – the very next step in the technological development of the makers’ vision of maximizing vehicle performance thanks to the car parts provided by MuchBoost. The new brand brings to the table an even greater offer, with more state-of-the-art modifications and improved customer service, of course, in compliance with everything that brought our clients the most satisfaction with our products and services. The address of our HQ remains the same.

Robert along with his team love serving people who are passionate about the automotive industry and car tuning. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a major service or a minor garage fix, the key to success is to deliver impeccable components. Thanks to MuchBoost, mechanics working on turbocharger installation and dealing with car parts for tune-ups, can feel a sense of freedom, can enjoy the luxury of a swift installation, boosting the joy coming from the modification performed. The automotive industry is rooted in Robert’s DNA. There is nothing more satisfying for Robert than working with people from all over the world. He delivers products and gives professional advice to people from Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and the USA and many other countries.


When talking to Robert you get a sense of ease, and you can engage him in matters connected with the following themes:

“I need to choose an adequate booster for the make and model of the car I wish to tune up.”

"I have a non-standard job and need to calculate the modification parameters."


We take pride in providing perfect tune-ups for engines and in boosted performance of the cars that our clients brought to us from all over the world.

To whom it may concern, It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Robert, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and his line of products over the past years. Robert’s highlights are the quality of communication and care towards his clients, he strives to give his clients the best quality of service he can. I am absolutely sure he will strive to succeed in his new venture and will recommend Robert always. Please feel free to contract me shall you like to discuss Robert’s qualifications and experience further.


Sydney, Australia

I’m the owner of “TURBO REUNION” a company who is specializes in turbo. It’s a pleasure for me to recommend Robert, I worked with him for many years. We already bought many turbochargers from him, and he always proposes us the best of his products. He is always searching all the information to better adapt to our request. The quality of all the products that we buy with Robert been the best that we ever seen before. All of our customers who buy a turbo made by Robert were a 100% satisfied, and we still have new request every day. This is only a few reasons why I am very happy to work with Robert and wish him good luck in any of his new beginnings!


Sainte-Marie, La Réunion

We are delighted to recommend Robert Podlacha. We can assure you that Robert has a good work ethics and exemplary skills, we work together since 2019. We strongly recommend Robert as a professional worker and intend to continue our productive working relationships.

Ibrahim Ansou

Saint-Louis, Reunion Island

We have been cooperating with Robert Podlacha since 2019. He is an experienced engineer and his upgraded turbochargers always meet our requirements, thanks to which our customers are satisfied. We did many projects together for BMW vehicles, especially equipped with diesel engines, single turbo and biturbo. The Wide range of parts that Robert has been creating is impressive. His commitment to customer service is admirable. We recommend Robert as a proven turbocharger workshop and intend to continue cooperation.

Marijus Slekonis, VASATAS

Klaipeda, Lithuania