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MuchBoost presents genuine OEM Bosch Injector Bodies with Firad +160% Nozzles.

These injectors allow more flow and are can support HP figures of up to around 400HP. While the stock PD140 injectors support around 235HP.

Offered injectors are digitally calibrated and tests are carried out to achieve maximum accuracy, which will lead to stock amounts of smoke and stock economy. These injectors have upgraded nozzles.

Please remember that Your ECU will have to be re-calibrated when fitting these injectors in order to achieve full operating potential and performance.



– The professional installation is required for injectors to work perfectly.
– 100% P&P fitment.
– We do not require your old bodies in exchange.


2.0 TDI BKD – 140HP
2.0 TDI AZV – 136HP
2.0 TDI BVG – 121HP
2.0 TDI BVF – 126HP
2.0 TDI BRF – 136HP
2.0 TDI BRE – 140HP

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