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Professional high-end steel exhaust manifold for BMW M50, M52, M54.

Main features:

1. Precise 100% Plug&Play fitting on stock collector and 100% CNC machined parts.
2. Handmade TIG welding + lightweight structure.
3. Made using heat-resisting steel.
4. Manifold is pre-heated – low probability of cracking.
5. Compact size gives you more space for Downpipe etc. in RHD cars.
6. Oustanding geometry of our manifold allows you to achieve a quick spool!
7. Top mount type.


M50b25, M52b25, M54b25, B28, B30 working in BMW E30, E36, E38, E39, E46.

It is compatible with turbochargers as follows:

GT28, GT30, GT35, HX35, HX40, BWS200SX etc.


1. If your BMW is equipped with AC, please realize wastegate valve pipe is located in the AC compressor area, that`s why AC needs to be uninstalled or manifold can be made without WG outlet (when turbo has internal wastegate). Alternatively, you can weld wastegate pipe in another place.
2. 1/8″ NPT hole for the external EGT sensor is available on-demand as well.
3. Other configurations (Vanos, etc.) are available on-demand as well.

The time we need to make this manifold is 7-10 working days after payment.

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