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We offer ready to install complete turbo kit for any M50B20, M50B25, M52B28, M52B28TU, and all M54 engines. The turbo kit consists of best-in-class quality parts that are selected to match motorsport expectations. This setup has been tested in many drift/drag turbo projects in Europe and is now available to you in street version STAGE 1. We have focused on durability, simplifying the installation part at the same time. Most of the parts fit in a plug&play manner.






You are required to weld a downpipe, intake system (turbo-cooler-throttle body) – some stainless steel welding skills (TIG/MIG) are required. You will also need to connect Ecumaster DET3 piggyback to the engine’s wiring loom (~8 wires). We offer full tech. support and starter map for your engine. Professional remapping on a dyno is necessary! This set allows you to achieve up to 440 hp/560 Nm.

Detailed specification


1. High-performance pre heated lightweight steel exhaust manifold (can be also bought separately),
3. Titanium thermal adhesive tape for downpipe – 5 m.
4. Eight 3″ (76 mm) stainless steel elbows for the exhaust system,
5. Three meters of 3″ (76mm) stainless steel pipe for the exhaust system,
6. High-quality stainless steel (3″ – 76 mm) center and rear muffler + stainless steel exhaust flexible pipe
7. Exhaust manifold gaskets,
8. Three 3” stainless steel V-BAND clamps for the exhaust system.


1. GT3582 V-band turbocharger – compact turbo with a great spool, up to 500 hp (other turbochargers are available too, including hybrid turbochargers),
2. Stainless steel oil drain for turbocharger and engine,
3. 50 mm great quality wastegate valve (fits plug&play to our exhaust manifold),
4. Sequential blow-off – plug&play,
5. All needed oil hoses and oil dividers included,
6. Turbocharger blanket.


1.600x300x76 mm High-Performance Intercooler
2. Eight stainless steel 63 mm elbows for intake system – turbo – intercooler – throttle body,
3. Two meters of 63 mm stainless steel pipe for intake system – turbo – throttle body,
4. Sport air intake filter,
5. Stainless steel M18x1 bush for the wideband oxygen sensor,
6. High-quality silicone hoses for the intake system.


1. Ecumaster DET3 piggyback with built-in 2.5 kpa map sensor.


1. High-performance M12 bolts set for engine’s head (need to make new M12x1,5 threads in an engine and grind head’s holes) – torque at 120 Nm!
2. Six Siemens Deka 630 cc fuel injectors,
3. NGK sport spark plugs with a properly adjusted spark gap,
4. MLS OEM head gasket + stainless steel decompression plate – CR~8.8:1
5. Loctite 3020 spray glue for engine’s head gaskets,
6. Internal 040 fuel pump – fits plug&play for OEM E36 internal fuel pump mounting (look at the picture),
7. Stainless steel hose clamps,
8. Sport clutch – 5.5 kg single mass flywheel + 240 mm kevlar clutch disc + 3.0d M57 pressure plate – quick response and powerful set, all needed bolts and release bearing included,
9.A/C compressor must be deleted! If you want to keep the A/C system let us know before you buy – some changes must be done to the exhaust manifold and WG valve.


1. BOOST + EGT gauges,
2. Manual boost controller for boost adjustment,
3. Bosch Motorsport knock sensor (needs to be mounted on the engine’s block for ignition tuning).

This turbo set also fits M50B20 or M50B25.

M50 (Siemens engine management unit) and M52B25 single vanos engine need different, standalone management units, let us know before you order. The price will be slightly higher, we need to add Ecumaster EMU instead of DET3 to the set.

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1. The price of 4799.00 EURO includes the cost of shipping to the European Union.
2. Shipping outside of the European Union is evaluated individually.
3. If you have any questions, please don`t hesitate to ask us.

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