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Author: Adam Copywrighter

Variable Geometry Turbochargers

VGT/VNT Turbochargers are mostly used for diesel engines. MuchBoost uses lots of VNT systems for the turbos. The variable geometry turbine allows significant flexibility over the pressure ratio across the turbine. This adaptability can be employed in diesel engines to enhance low-speed torque characteristics, lessen turbocharger lag, and drive EGR flow. The swinging vane design […]

Typical Turbo Malfunctions

We all want our turbos to last as long as we do, or possibly even longer so that the legacy of our cars can live beyond our years. Unfortunately, as we know, most of the time that’s not the case with modern turbocharged engines. Usually, the turbo is the first thing to go and is […]

Advantages of Billet Wheels

Muchboost is all about quality and performance. We would like to show you why a Billet Compressor Wheel is the best choice for you.  A Compressor Wheel is one of the most important parts of a turbo. The turbocharger compressor wheel plays an important role in delivering high-pressure air to the intake manifold, resulting in […]

Balancing the Turbo

Here at MuchBoost, we make sure to balance every single one of our turbos using a VSR balancing process.  Why do I want a balanced turbo? The VSR balancing procedure aims to reduce noise and increase bearing life by controlling a turbo’s vibration level. The cause of turbo noise is the transmission of engine vibration […]

Upgraded Journal Bearings

Bearings are one of the most important components when building the turbo. They are responsible for the ease of spinning and even wear. The bearings are what allow the turbo to spool up to 100 000 RPM.  Turbocharger bearings are a vital yet sometimes overlooked component of the turbocharger. A correctly designed bearing system can […]

MuchBoost VAG Diesel Turbo Upgrade List

Are you a Diesel engine fan? Are you looking for more power? Yeah, we know that feeling! would like to present the summary of all Hybrids and Big Turbochargers for VAG diesel engines of all sorts.  When it comes to the other diesel engines from Opel, Fiat, Citroen, Mercedes, etc we are able to […]